Halloween Havoc!

Halloween Havoc has been MB Drift’s BIGGEST event of the year. We’ve had live music, DJs, costume contests, Trunk Or Treats, and even Wrestling Matches!

Halloween Havoc 2023 will not disappoint. 2 days of drifting, 2 days of fun. At Rockingham Speedway we’ll be using both the Little Rock track and the infield Road Course. For the drivers, there will be pretty much an unlimited amount of seat time, for the spectators and fans this means you’ll get to do a TON of ridealongs, and watch some awesome drifts.

For 2023 we are going to have NIGHT DRIFTING, Trunk or Treat, Costume Contest, Live Music, and Camping! Here is the planned schedule (subject to change):

Drivers and crew are welcome to camp on FRIDAY night for early load in/tech inspection
 Must show up between 5-10PM on Friday

 Gates open at 9AM
 Driver’s Meeting at 11AM
 Infield Course Walk 11:45AM
 Infield Road Course goes hot at 12:30PM (or whenever the course walk is over)
 Little Rock Course Walk ~1PM (after the infield road course goes hot)
 Little Rock goes hot from 1:30PM – 5PM (Little Rock only being ran on SATURDAY)
 BOTH TRACKS GO COLD FROM Approximately 5-7PM
 Trunk or Treat 5:30-6:30PM
 Costume Contest 6:30PM-7PM
 Track goes cold at 10PM
 Live Music from 7 or 8 until 11PM

 Gates open at 9AM
 Driver’s Meeting at 10AM
 Track goes hot at 10:30AM
 Track cold at 5PM

Link coming

All tickets are sold here through square Buy Button Coming

There are 3 tiers of pre-registration
1) First 20 drivers – Early Bird Special – TBD
2) Second 20 drivers – Preregistration Special – TBD
3) Everybody else – Standard Preregistration – TBD

There are NASCAR GARAGE PITS(former), and there are RIG PITS. The RIG PITS are for drivers who WILL NOT BE IN THE GARAGES, and want to pit at their trailer. There are LIMITED QUANITIES of these available. Once they are sold out, we will have alternate pits available. The alternate pits will not be pre-registered, you will show up and park.

If you have a garage pit, your truck/trailer will be parked in the NASCAR pit row or along the fence behind the garages.

Purchasing a DRIVER SPOT also makes “Pit Posse” passes available. Pit Posse passes are like crew passes. They are for your friends/family coming in with you. It includes both days of spectating and camping for 25% off! Make sure to add them just like you do the garage or rig pits.

Kids 12 and under are free! For all others, make sure to pre-register to receive a discount – tickets prices go up at the gate. 1 entry pass per person is required.

Pre-Registration Prices:
1) 1 day only passes – $20/ day
2) 2 day pass w/o camping – $30
3) 2 day pass w/ camping – $40
4) Pit Posse Pass (mentioned above) – $20

Garage/Rig PIT Map


Vendor spaces are available! For $200, you will get a vendor package that includes a 10×10 booth space, 1x display car space (possibly more depending on the number of vendors), 1x support vehicle parking inside of the track, and 6x vendor staff/guest passes. The vendor staff/guest passes include entry for both days and camping. If you are interested in being a vendor, need additional space, or if you have any questions please send us an email/message at [email protected] Thank you!!!