Driver Support Programs

We know getting started into drifting is hard, so we’ve been building brand partners for our drivers to get discounts on parts to build their cars.

Just Engineering is making the best angle kits and other suspension bits in the business. They are insanely talented and can customize their products in color to suit your appearance preferences as well.

Fortune Auto supports MB Drift and has the best coilover suspension systems in the game. Inquire about the discounts on their products for all our registered drivers.

BridgeMoto has been a supporter of MB Drift for a few years now. If you’re building a drift car and looking for safety equipment such as harnesses, seats, helmets, suits, and more – make sure to check out and use discount code MBDRIFT21 for a discount on your purchases!

We’re extremely excited to be working with Swivel Mount! They have engineered an incredible action camera/go pro mount just for drifting! Magnetic, easy to install, easy to remove! Take a look at their website, and enter MBDrift21 at checkout for a discount!!

f you want your underglow to last a long time, look rad, and hang on tight – we recommend something like these from! These LED underglow kits are mounted to aluminum casings that can be bolted/screwed to your car/body panels/plastic undertrays (if you’ve still got them ? ), have high LED counts with awesome color control, and CONNECTORS AT THE LIGHTS. Head on over to their website and use discount code MBDRIFT10 for 10% off!