2021 Series Tire Partner – KENDA TIRES – The KR20A is the best grassroots drift tire out there!

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Ticket sales and driver registration for our events are managed through TheFoat.com, the link above will take you to our main page on The Foat, you can select individual events to purchase spectator tickets or register to drive. You can also refer to our season schedule, where we have hyperlinks to individual events. No experience is necessary to come drift with us! Your car has to pass our tech inspection, and make sure that you have an SA 2010 or later certified helmet. Check out our Driver Support Programs for discount codes, including safety gear (like helmets) from Bridgemoto! Cageless tandems are allowed by staff approval – we just need to verify that you are a safe driver.

MB Drift is a true grassroots drift organization – we run a grassroots competition, open drift days, and multi-day drift matsuris/festivals. We don’t take a paycheck – we put everything right back into the drift community. Our competition series is designed to take entry level drifters and build their skills to the point where they can graduate from MB Drift and be competitive in Pro-Am and higher drift competitions. We have no power restrictions and minimal chassis restrictions, instead we equalize the field with a 225 rear tire width cap and through course design/layout.

We’re stoked to be working with Rockingham Speedway in Rockingham, NC! We are continually investing in the facility by repairing and adding paving! None of MB Drift staff take a paycheck, it all goes straight back into the drift community and facility. Please come on out to support our events and Rockingham Speedway! Round 1 of paving has already been completed, and we have tons more to do! Free ridealongs are included in with the purchase of a spectator pass (must be 18+). This is subject to driver and tire availability.

2021 Season Schedule

TICKETS for our events can be purchased here from the Foat

ROCKINGHAM SPEEDWAY 2152 N US Hwy 1, Rockingham, NC 28379
2021 – 10 EVENTS – 4 Rounds of competition, 4 OPEN DRIFT days, 2 MATSURIS // drift festivals
February 20th – Annual ICE BREAKER – OPEN DRIFT DAY
March 13th – ROUND 1
April 17th to 18th – SPRING MATSURI
May 15th – ROUND 2 at the DRIVE THRU
June 12th – ROUND 3
July 17th – OPEN DRIFT DAY
August 14th – ROUND 4 (Final round of comp)
September 25th – OPEN DRIFT DAY
October 23rd to 24th – HALLOWEEN HAVOC // FALL MATSURI
November 20th – SEASON ENDER wind down – OPEN DRIFT DAY

How to get into the track


MB Drift wouldn’t be able to do what we do for our drivers without the support of amazing sponsors.

We’re so excited to have KENDA TIRES on board for our 2021 season. Kenda makes the legendary KR20A – what we believe to be the best tire for grassroots drifting. It checks all the boxes – forward bite, side bite, and extraordinary tire life. Winners in our competition this year will be awarded with tires or gift cards to go towards tires (if tires are unavailable in the desired sizes).

Ocean Isle Auto Repair is located in Ocean Isle, NC and is owned and operated by members of our local drift family, the Babbs. They attend all of our events and offer tire mounting services for $10/tire – you take your dead tires with you. They also sell tires and can get you the best pricing on the aforementioned KR20As at our events as well as dozens of different brands and models. Make sure to check them out on Facebook, shoot them a message, or give them a call at 910-579-6700! Mention MB Drift to get special tire pricing.

BridgeMoto make some incredible safety gear. Helmets, gloves, seats, harnesses, and more. If you’re getting your car setup for track use – take a look at their website and get yourself some gear. Enter MBDrift21 at checkout for a discount!

We’re extremely excited to be working with Swivel Mount! They have engineered an incredible action camera/go pro mount just for drifting! Magnetic, easy to install, easy to remove! Take a look at their website, and enter MBDrift21 at checkout for a discount!!

Powder Coating by C-Ray is located in the Myrtle Beach area. They do incredible powder coating work at an incredible price. C-Ray has been supporting our drift events for a few years now and always knocks it out of the park. Both Marshall and Zach had wheels powdercoated by C-Ray, check them out at the next MB Drift event!